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Sell My Inherited House in Charlotte, North Carolina

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“Quite often investors are willing to pay cash for a home and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing.”

“I Need to Sell My Inherited House in Charlotte, North Carolina”

Sell Your Inherited House Fast for Cash

Have an inherited house you want to sell? Confused because of the long probate process? Don’t worry! We buy houses in Charlotte and other areas of North and South Carolina. We can buy your inherited home for a fair cash price. 

It’s difficult to explain the scenario when you inherit a house. On one side, you’re experiencing a loss. And on the other hand, life demands your attention. You need to move on with your personal life. Take care of your job and the family, and then an inherited house requires care. Depending on the situation and timeline, you have a few options you need to consider. 

What’s the condition of the house? Did you inherit a mortgage also? Properties with mortgages usually have an issue as the lenders can now sell the inherited home. You need to refinance or pay the mortgage before you can take over the house.

Are their other decision-makers involved? Sometimes, more than one person can inherit the property. 

You can choose to sell the inherited house, occupy the property, or rent it out. The second option is simple. Either you can choose it or not. Most people already have a residence and living in an inherited home is not an option for them. As for the other two choices, please contact us. (We’ll analyze the numbers for you and let you know whether you should choose to rent or sell. )

How We Buy Houses?

We’ve made it quick and easy to sell your house fast in Charlotte. We pay cash and close on your timeframe. Take a look at how easy it is to sell your house to Lanier House Buyers.

Step 1


Just fill in the form below, and you’re all set! We’ll start our research. 

Step 2

We Reach Out

We’ll call to book an appointment. We can also do virtual walk-throughs.

Step 3


After extensive research, we’ll present you with a fair cash offer. 

Step 4


If you like our offer, simply choose a closing date and get your cash at closing.

Should I Sell My Inherited House?

Taxes will affect your decision. You’re responsible for estate and property taxes. The condition of the home is another factor, as most inherited homes will require some kind of repairs. Repairs are necessary even if you’re planning to keep the house as a rental. If you’re selling in the retail market, you’ll need to update the property. 

At Lanier House Buyers, we present you with options so you can sell your house fast. If you’re saying, “I need to sell my inherited house,” we can show you the exact steps to accomplish your goals. If you’re interested, you can choose a cash sale and sell your house fast in just 14 days. That way, you don’t have to deal with repairs, contractors, or delays

Sell Fast No Matter the Reason

We buy houses with cash, and that’s why we can close on your schedule. The reason doesn’t matter as we’re willing to help you in all situations. Let it be foreclosure, short sale, relocation, job loss, divorce, vacant, or inherited property. Our team is here for you. And It doesn’t matter whether you need to sell now or 6 months later. We’re not dependent on traditional banks, so our plan is flexible, and we’ll work according to your schedule.

Why Choose Lanier House Buyers?

Other companies say they will buy your house. So, why work with us?

Sell Your Home As-Is

When you sell to us, you can sell as-is. As we said, we renovate properties so we can buy your home in its current condition. You don’t have to make any repairs or do the cleaning. We’ll buy as-is.

Sell Your Inherited House For Cash

We will buy your house for cash so you don’t have to worry about bank financing.

  • Receive a Fair Cash Offer
  • No Bank Approval
  • No Fees, Commissions, or Closing Costs.

Sell Your House Fast

Lanier House Buyers provides an easy alternative when you need to sell your house fast. We can make an offer to purchase your home directly.

  • No more waiting and wondering.
  • Choose your closing date.
  • We’ll handle paperwork.

Sell My Inherited House in Charlotte

Selling to Lanier House Buyers is a convenient process. You won’t pay for closing costs and no commissions will be taken from our offer: no repairs, no fees, and no contractor meetings. Sell your house fast without involving banks and complete the sale on your schedule.

We Buy Houses and Help Homeowners in All Situations!

.Any Reason……

  • Need Quick Cash
  • Inherited Property
  • Taxes
  • Vacant home
  • Upgrading
  • Downsizing
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Health Issues

Any Condition

  • Old/Outdated
  • Needs Repairs
  • Fire/Water Damage
  • Termite Damage
  • Full of Household Items
  • Needs New Roof
  • Rented
  • Unfinished Construction
  • Move-In Ready

Any Situation

  • Financial Issues
  • Title Issues
  • Hoarder House
  • Code Violations
  • Zero/Low Equity
  • Liens
  • Out of State
  • Behind on Mortgage
  • Relocation
  • House in Probate
  • Unwanted property

Get The Process Started – Get Your Fair All Cash Offer Now

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Get Cash for Your Inherited Home

An inherited home is a beautiful gift. You can use it for the betterment of your life. Please don’t abandon the home and contact us to discuss your options. Let us help you analyze the situation so you can make the right choice. 

And if you want to sell your inherited house, we can pay you cash and close the deal quickly. We can even help you deal with the complicated probate process in North Carolina. All the legal paperwork can sound confusing. Let us take away the stress and guide you in the right direction. 

A Little About Lanier House Buyers

We’re Keith and Laura. We’ll be working with you closely when you contact us. Call us today to see how we can help you sell your house fast in an easy way. There are no fees when you work with us. (No commissions or closing costs)

Did we mention we buy houses in as-is condition? Yes, you don’t have to worry about repairs, paint color, or curb appeal. As you contact Lanier House Buyers, forget about the usual stress, and put aside any worries. Our team will show you a way out from any situation you’re facing right now. And we’ll tell you how you can sell your house fast in the most convenient way. 

If you have a property that you want to sell, give us a call. We would love to make you an all-cash, no-obligation, fair offer. 


We Buy Houses Fast, No Matter The Reason!

Traditional listing experience can be stressful. It takes months, requires numerous showings, multiple inspections, and negotiations. And after paying for repairs, commissions, closing costs, and other expenses, you may or may not be ahead of the game. 

We work differently at Lanier House Buyers. From day1, you’ll know the exact amount you’ll get for your home. (So no surprises or deductions from our side. ) Unlike selling through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing. We buy houses with cash without relying on traditional funding. We’re ready to buy right now!

The reason doesn’t matter as we buy houses and help homeowners in all types of situations. Foreclosure? Divorce? Negative equity? Title issues? Unwanted inherited property? It doesn’t matter if the home is vacant or occupied. We help landlords, people behind on mortgage payments, and those who can’t sell a burdensome property. 

Get The Process Started – Get Your Fair All Cash Offer Now

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Ready for your fair cash offer? 

We buy houses in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our cash offers are no obligation and hassle-free.  Even if you decide to go the traditional route, at least you’ll have a real offer that you can consider now or in the future. Call us today at 803-935-9085 or fill out the form above.

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